Here are some answers to questions I’m asked on a regular basis.

Q:  I’m applying for jobs but not getting interviews. Where am I going wrong?

A: There could be several reasons why:

(a) don’t just apply for any job in the hope you will eventually succeed. Make sure your skills and experience are a good match with those required or don’t apply – harsh but true with such fierce competition nowadays.

(b) make sure your CV is up-to-date and tailored to each job you apply for and, if you haven’t already, ask a professional CV writer for a free CV review. Even if you think your CV is OK, it probably isn’t. Of all the CVs I am sent, very rarely do I see a good one.  Many have important sections missing, it’s too long or too short and loads of other issues. A quick look at your CV will tell me where you are going wrong, then I can give you some tips on how to improve it, if you feel you can.

(c) do a covering letter to accompany your application – this is just as important as your CV.

Q: Why do I need professional help? 

A: Your CV really needs to sell you quickly, clearly, concisely and truthfully, capturing the attention from the word go. Not as easy as people think. Help from family and friends is well meaning, but doesn’t as a rule lead to job success and that’s the bottom line. A good professional CV Writer will dig deep, ask you lots of questions that you probably hadn’t thought of and use the right wording to create a CV that will stand out from the crowd, ultimately leading to interviews. A CV and job search that worked for you some years ago won’t work for you today, mainly due to technology and competition for jobs.

Q: Where is the best place for career and CV advice?

A: Online is best, however there is so much free information available it can be difficult to choose. Ideally refer to a company that has been recommended, otherwise search for one that specialises in career and CV advice. You might prefer to actually talk to an expert. This gives you the opportunity to ask for advice that is appropriate to your situation. Larger CV writing companies often don’t give this sort of personal service. Much of it is only available online. Some CV writing services offer a speedy turnaround of 24 – 48 hours with no consultation, however experience has proved to me that an interview-winning CV requires time and in-depth consultation. Speed is important, but not at the expense of quality.

Q: I want to a change of career, how do I go about it?

A: Questions to ask yourself are “what do I really enjoy doing and what am I good at?”. It would also help to do an online psychometric or aptitude test to help you establish what sort of jobs match your skill set. Once you have more of an idea what you would like to do search for job opportunities in that area to discover what skills, experience and qualifications are required. You will probably need to consider training courses too. If you can, talk to someone who is already doing the job you are interested to find out more.

Q.  I’ve found free CV help and templates on the internet I’m still confused. CV. Can you help?

A. Of course, that’s what I’m here for. There is almost too much in the way of free CV resources, where do you start? Most people find it hard writing about and selling themselves, which is just as important as a free template and advice. You need to get the message across very quickly and concisely to be considered for interview and that’s precisely where my expertise  comes in.

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