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If you’re not sure what you need please do call me.

Fees (pricing below)

  • Fees vary depending on the amount of work required, the complexity and how quickly the new CV is needed.
  • Fees also reflect the extensive level of my skills and experience as a CV Writer for over 20 years. A new straightforward CV will typically take up to 4 hours to produce (inc consultation: up to 2 hours).
  • Investing in your new CV and taking on board all the advice that is part of your new CV package with Premium CVs, WILL will give you the tools to find the job that’s right for you much more quickly than if you tried yourself and will substantially increase your chances of job success.


  • Online via BACS or over the counter is best, or I will accept cash if you’re local. Upfront payment is required before work commences or a consultation takes place.
  • Payment within 24 hours of phone call enquiry is required in order to confirm consultation. Delay in payment may result in losing original consultation appointment.


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Worried about paying up front? Rest assured with my guarantee and client testimonials to put your mind at ease. If you change your mind or your circumstances change after payment, a refund * may be given depending on how much work has already been done (see * Terms).


If you need a CV urgently (within 48 hours of phone call) please see pricing table ** on far right and add price to any package. Please state your requirements at the start as naturally all work depends on availability (both mine and yours!) and I get booked up very quickly, often weeks in advance.


Senior Management CV
From £175
Complex or Senior Management CV, CV from scratch. Consultation at end of process
Expert advice:
How to job search
How to use your new CV
General Management CV
From £120
Straightforward General Management CV
Expert advice:
How to job search
How to use your CV
£25 - £50
1-1 Linkedin training (£25)
Create or update your profile (£50)
How to make it work for you
How to job search
Student/standard CV
£60 / £95
No full-time job history (£60)
Consultation at end
Expert advice:
How to job search
How to use your new CV
** URGENT CV (within 48 hrs)
£25 (add to CV price)
Consultation at the start
Same day, up to 48 hrs notice
Expert advice
How to job search
How to use your CV


Don’t forget your online CV with Linkedin:

Your online CV with Linkedin is just as important as your document CV. It enables companies who are recruiting to search for you online – see stats below – that’s why I offer Linkedin training together with your CV.

Amazingly, around 95% of recruiters rely on Linkedin to search for and contact candidates like you direct and 89% report that they have hired someone through LinkedIn.

Let me put your CV online and you could get found very quickly: ‘the next day’ reported by a client.




  • Linkedin training: £25 when purchased with CV (£45 at a later date).

Please ask for more details