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Sue Edwards

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 Writing your own CV?

How can you get it right first time? There is lots of advice I could fill the whole page with, so I’m going to focus on what most people get wrong in their CV. If you would prefer to talk to me direct, then please do call or email me, I will quickly answer your questions and put your mind at rest.

Or….follow these guidelines:

  • make your CV no longer than 2 pages, make it clear, concise and easy to read
  • don’t forget to add your skills (bullet pointed)
  • don’t forget to add your achievements ie: what have you done that’s made a difference?
  • be specific and descriptive about each role, but don’t say too much.
  • only go back about 10 years in your detailed career history, summarise the rest
  • don’t use an old CV that you had years ago, it just won’t work
  • ensure that your CV is completely up-to-date, including any relevant qualifications
  • don’t use the same CV for every job you apply for
  • Ask someone else to check it or better still ask me for a free CV review

If you need a new CV but you’re really not sure where to start, or you’ve tried but given up don’t worry, I’m here to help you. It’s not as easy as you might think! I would advise that if you’ve never written a CV before, ask me for a free CV review. That way you can find out very quickly if what you have created is good enough to use.

Already have a CV?

If you have questions to ask, fire away! I’m always happy to give free advice on the phone or at Uckfield Volunteer Centre any Thursday afternoon. Here are just a few things I can advise you on:

  • How to improve your CV to show you where you might be going wrong. Particularly if you are applying for jobs but not getting interviews.
  • How to write and build a CV from scratch
  • What to put in your CV, where and how much
  • How to use it once your CV is finished

If I haven’t answered your questions get in touch:

or call me 01825 761890