How to Job Search 2016

One of the questions I am regularly asked as a CV Writer is ‘I’m looking for a new job – how do go about it?’

job search advice

A well written, focused, clear and easy to read CV is absolutely essential for any job search. This is a job in itself and not as easy as you might think, which is why asking for help from a professional CV Writer will make your job hunt much more successful more quickly.

Years ago, before the internet, you had to register with local recruitment agencies and you relied on them to find you the perfect job. Nowadays, with everything done online, it’s quite different. You can still register with agencies if you find one that is recommended or it specialises in your industry, however you really need to do more.

Other avenues you need to consider:


  • Create your online CV with Linkedin. This will allow recruiters to find you and potentially invite you to interview. Many companies, agencies and head hunters regularly, or only use Linkedin to search for candidates, so you need to be on there with good profile.
  • Register with the top job boards, where you should be able to upload your CV and create text or email alerts for jobs that suit your skills and experience. Some job boards give excellent career resources too, so spend some time dong research.
  • Twitter – if you haven’t already got a Twitter account create one. Like Linkedin, its an excellent way to find jobs and promote yourself.
  • Communicate – don’t be afraid to talk to former colleagues, friends, family and even neighbours. Being referred is a much better and easier way to find a job if someone has recommended you.

With Linkedin, headhunters and recruiters alike rely on it to search for suitable candidates so you need to be on there. A good, comprehensive profile with the appropriate keywords is essential though. 

To keep on top of your job search it’s best to do it every day, and apply as soon as you see something that appeals or is a good match. All jobs will have a deadline, so if you don’t apply promptly you might miss out.

Article written by Sue Edwards, CV Writer, Premium CVs. 

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