How to write a CV profile


Profile Heading

As with all CV section headings, there are no rules as to what title to use, it’s up to you. You might like: Career Objective, Career Aim, Personal Statement, Personal profile. I simply use Profile.


Your profile will be the hardest part of your CV to write, and at Premium CVs it is always the last part of any CV to be written. There may be 20 – 30 years of experience in your career to draw upon and extract from. You will need to filter it all down to the best and most important information. As this is the first section to be read, it must have impact to encourage the reader to read on.

What should your personal profile include?:

A bit about your personality and attributes that make you suitable for the role eg:

  • How many years (or just say experienced) in which industries? For example: retail, hospitality etc.
  • What key roles have you performed that have made a real impact? Include your major selling points – this may change depending on the role you’re applying for.
  • Make it short and to the point.
  • What type of work you are looking for and in what size of company ie: small business or corporate organisation?

Your CV profile is a summary which will give the reader a very quick and concise account of you. You can include some of this in a covering letter, not repeated but in more detail. Your profile will be particularly effective if you are applying for a job with a lot of competition.

I have no idea what job to apply for

Write a profile focussed on you and your career, but when you tailor it ensured it is focussed on the job you are applying for. Word it carefully using your key strengths and attributes and it will enhance your CV.

How long should my profile be?

About six lines maximum. Keep it be concise, with short lines of information. If you can’t get the message across in a maximum of six lines, the profile is probably too complicated.

Where should I put it?

Your profile is one of the most important parts of your CV and should encourage the reader to read on, so it needs to be at the start, underneath your contact details.

Badly written CVs are usually full of vague generic statements and often contains information that would be much better placed elsewhere. CV profiles I usually see at Premium CVs are either far too short ie: two lines, or far too long (up to half a page!). If you’re having trouble thinking or the right words use a thesaurus. Use action words to create interest.

Profile example

Use the “smart” third person:

‘A pro-active, confident, responsible, creative individual with over 11 years of experience to Manager level across a range of industries, including product manufacturing, hygiene and healthcare, and the NHS within small and large companies. Results orientated with a career history demonstrating solving issues and improving processes to achieve targets and success. Effective relationship building with customers has led to securing high value contracts with a range of projects. Focussed on cost saving and constantly looking for ways to increase account value, while delivering excellent service.’

This candidate had previously been unemployed for quite a few months due to redundancy. After coming to me at Premium CVs for advice, I re-worked his CV which gave him a huge boost to his confidence, swiftly followed by success in his job search, securing a role that was ‘made’ for him.