Terms & Conditions

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9 – 5.00pm.

Out of hours: answerphone will operate.

These terms explain the CV process and client requirements.

Important: the CV process will only work if :

(a) the client has a desktop computer or laptop with Word installed (see point 2). Mac computers will only work if client has software compatible with Word. Tablets and phones are not suitable.

(b) the client MUST remain available (not at work) until 5pm on day of consultation, as permission to close the project will be sought by 5pm at the latest (see point 13).

(C) the client MUST be contactable via email and telephone from initial enquiry through to sign off of CV. It is the client’s responsibility to get in touch with Premium CVs if a communication is not received within the expected timescale.

  1. Terms: require approval in writing (email) before continuing.
  2. Compatibility: the client must have access to a desktop computer or laptop with Word installed for the CV process to work. Use of an ipad or tablet will only work if client requires just a Skype consultation.
  3. Information required: information via a questionnaire and/or old CV and any other information available will be required via email in Word format before consultation. Sufficient information must be supplied at least 2 working days prior to consultation, or it may have to be re-scheduled. If client has additional complex information for CV that is not supplied at least 2 working days before consultation, it is the client’s responsibility to add it to the CV once the process is complete. Consultation can only be conducted at the beginning of the process for non-complex CVs. 
  4. Work Agreed: once information has been received, Premium CVs will let client know if the work can be continued. Premium CVs retains the right to discontinue work at any point. If work has been done on a CV, but client’s circumstances change, or he/she changes her mind about a new CV, Premium CVs may give a partial refund.
  5. Prices: prices shown on Premium CVs website are a guide only and will vary according to complexity of CV and the amount of work required.
  6. Cancellation or failure to take up service (CV & interview coaching) : please be aware that there is a cancellation admin fee of £25 (applicable to total paid and included in the fee quoted), should the client wish to cancel one or more services after payment. If work has commenced on the CV at time of cancellation, or client cancels the service 5 working days or less before consultation, a refund will not be applicable, unless there are unusual circumstances.
  7. Payments: after terms have been agreed in writing (email) an invoice will be emailed requesting payment. Payment is requested in full, on receipt of invoice, and should be made within 24 hours maximum of initial enquiry in order to secure consultation. An email confirming receipt of payment will be sent via email or text.
  8. Payment options: Paypal (fee applies), BACS bank transfer (bank details on bottom of invoice), Cash (in advance, on receipt of invoice).
  9. Work commences: only when full payment has been cleared.
  10. Face to face consultation (CV or interview coaching) is always conducted at office in Olives Meadow, and will only be carried out once all information requested has been received, unless otherwise agreed.  Please be aware that client will be asked to switch off their mobile phone during consultation, so please do not expect a call during this time. Reminder: will be sent at least 2 days in advance. 10.1    CONSULTATION CANCELLATION & REBOOK: if client cannot attend consultation, Sue must be notified at least 5 WORKING DAYS in advance or it will be charged for (£90 per session). Same applies if client fails to attend consultation without prior notice.  
  11. Skype consultation: For the full CV writing service, Premium CVs shares the client’s CV on screen with Skype but this can only be carried out if client has either a desktop PC or a laptop. Mobile devices ie tablets, Ipads or mobile phones are not suitable. CV and job search advice can be carried out on any device.
  12. Skype consultation disclaimer: Premium CVs will not be held responsible for any technical problems relating to poor connection or quality of Skype call.  Poor or intermittent connection with broadband will not be suitable.  It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that a Skype consultation is conducted in a confidential area where there is good and uninterrupted connectivity. Sue will connect with the client at least the day before to ensure quick connection.
  13. Final CV check and changes: Once the new CV is emailed to the client, it is the clients responsibility to take the time to check the new CV that same day, before they give approval. Clients are welcome to make any final changes themselves, in which case Sue should be notified so that the project can be closed. If Sue is needed to make further changes on the phone later on the same day of consultation, the client will need to remain available and call Sue. Deadline for closure of the CV is 5pm on day of consultation, unless otherwise agreed with client. 
  14. CV template: Sue uses the same template for all CVs, and consistently excellent feedback confirms that the combination of template, wording and format works and gets the desired results. If client wishes to change the format once CV is completed that is entirely up to the client. Premium CVs will not accept input or reviews concerning clients CV from any 3rd party (person, company or computer software) during or after the process.
  15. Communication & disclaimer (phone/text/email): Calls made outside office hours (9-5) are transferred to answerphone and will be replied to within working hours. Sue will always let the client know of any changes or unforeseen problems as soon as possible, and expects the same level of commitment in return. She always responds quickly to emails (at least same working day). If clients message is important / urgent, please phone rather than email, as emails often go astray. Premium CVs will not be held responsible for any lost emails, texts or phone messages.
  16. Problems: Premium CVs always gives priority to excellent customer service with 100% satisfaction. In the unlikely event of a problem Sue will naturally endeavour to resolve the issue. Please note that once work has commenced on a new CV a refund will not be considered, except in exceptional circumstances. If the client experiences a problem during the project, they must notify Premium CVs at that time and Sue will do all she can to solve the problem. If problems arise because client has agreed to these terms but not read them, Premium CVs will not be held liable for refund due to misunderstanding. If problems arise after project has been closed, because client has not thoroughly read through their new CV on the day of consultation, Premium CVs will not be held responsible for amendments.
  17. Expenses: Premium CVs will not be held responsible for any expenses whatsoever incurred by the client during or as a result of the CV process. This includes phone calls made by the client to Premium CVs.
  18. Failure to take up the service – see point 6, cancellation.
  19. Premium CVs does not guarantee invitation to interviews, or success at securing a job. Using a new CV as advised and quickly acting on all the advice given by Sue at PremiumCVs will substantially increase the chances of job success.        

The aim of a new CV is to gain interviews for the appropriate job, ie: one that matches client’s skills and experience and when achieved the CV has done its job. Then it’s up to the client to do the rest.