Have you done the same?

I had an email recently from someone asking me if I had any vacancies, attaching her CV. Although I couldn’t offer her a job, I pointed out that her CV needed a lot of work, so I offered her a free CV review. Her reply was “no thanks, I’ll use what I’ve got.” I wasn’t that surprised as I’ve heard this before. She did admit it was an old CV, it wasn’t up-to-date and that it could have been better, so it left me wondering why she sent it to me, and what other jobs she had applied for with the same CV.

Don’t Do It!

Many old CVs were originally written on a typewriter (remember them!) and simply photocopied. If this sounds like yours, it probably worked well for you years ago, but it’s highly unlikely to work for you nowadays.


Simply sending what you’ve got, had for years and hoping for the best, is just not good enough.

The job market has never been more competitive – with often 100+ applicants per job your CV needs to be of a very high standard to stand out from the crowd and be noticed for the right reasons!

So, what should your CV contain:

  • The first part of your CV needs to ‘sell you’ and encourage the reader to read further. It should include your personal profile, your key skills and your achievements so that the recruiter can immediately see what you offer and how hiring you could benefit them.
  • Don’t forget to add your key skills and achievements.
  • Keep your CV completely up-to-date, no gaps.
  • Add as much detail about each role as you can, without making it long-winded.
  • Go back about 10 years in your career history, then summarise the rest.
  • Create a ‘Master’ CV and make a tailored version for every job you apply for.

I cannot emphasise strongly enough that if you are job hunting, make sure your CV is completely ready before you continue, or you will be missing opportunities. Why take that chance?

Free CV Review

Every Thursday afternoon I am at Uckfield Volunteer Centre giving free one to one CV reviews. It is always wise to make an appointment. Or you can email me your cv to uckfieldvolunteer@gmail.com. Or

call: 01825 761890