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Prepare for your job search

Time to look for a new job? Preparation is essential, and the best place to start is with a really good, concise, focussed, ATS compliant CV (or resume). With my help we will do just that.

CV for business or other use

Sometimes you may be asked for a CV, for example, when dealing with a bank. I do that too.

Read how the process works and my package prices. 

Please note: you will need either a desktop computer or laptop with Microsoft Word.  The process does not work with a Mac, or if you only have a tablet, ipad or mobile phone. 


Linkedin is relied upon by the majority of businesses and head hunters to search for candidates like you.

If you’re already on Linkedin, but you don’t really use it, you will miss opportunities. I do that too, so let me help. 

Why me?

There are many CV writers to choose from. Here are a few reasons why Premium CVs is a good choice! 

  • I’m an experienced, CV Writer (started in 1995), having helped 100s (lost count!) of candidates be successful in finding a new job.
  • You will receive personal service throughout – hard to find elsewhere.
  • All CVs are ATS compliant – vital nowadays.
  • I understand what recruiters look for in a CV. Do it yourself and you will probably miss out detail that could prove vital to your invitation to interview. 
  • Excellent value – with a focus on quality over quantity. Large CV agencies make big claims of success, ‘farming out’ their CVs, to very poorly paid writers.

Ask for my help and your job search will be easier, quicker and more successful. 

Based on 5 reviews.
Julia Alcock
Julia Alcock
Sue provided invaluable feedback on my CV as well as great advice. I will be highly recommending her.
Jon Turner
Jon Turner
I went back to Sue for an update on a CV she did for me 6 years ago. I had looked at other CV writers, who do not even come close to what she can achieve. She is honest with her input and the final product looks and reads well. The last CV she wrote for me opened the doors to quite a lot of opportunities and I expect this one will also do the same job.
Simon Gilder
Simon Gilder
Very helpful and supportive with my first CV! Honest feedback and succinct culminating with a CV that contributed to a recent job application and offer. Thank you
Sue Harvey
Sue Harvey
Sue was great at getting just the right information across in my CV and she offered some helpful advice for improving my Linked In profile.
Ed Hill
Ed Hill
A great service from Sue with an insight which was much needed when adjusting a tired CV.

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