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David Barrett  – “I’ve acquired a new job as a Customer Service Manager. They were impressed by my CV and the way I presented myself throughout the interview. Without your assistance and CV writing service I never would have had these opportunities, and having a strong CV has provided me with the confidence to apply for and achieve some fantastic career moves. I would sincerely like to thank you for your help”

CV consultations Uckfield

CV consultations

Meet an expert, face-to-face

Be proud of your new CV! Celebrate job success!

Whether job hunting, or planning your next career move, Premium CVs will help you make the right decisions, as well as substantially increase your chances of securing interviews. 

We can also help you with our Linkedin, interview coaching and cover letter services, to give you the best chances of success. 

Why a good CV is vital

Many job applications will require a good CV. An old, out-of-date or basic CV just won’t cut it nowadays. If you are applying for a job, having a document CV to refer to will make your application much easier. Competition for jobs is so fierce that any old CV just won’t do. It needs to ‘sell you’ and that’s not easy. That’s my job! 


Why Choose Premium CVs?

Sue Edwards, CV Writer Uckfield I have been a CV Writer since 1995, and have helped candidates from all walks of life be successful in gaining interviews and ultimately the job they had hoped for. 

By far the most important part of my CV writing services, is the in-depth, face-to-face CV consultation, which is all part of the personal service I’m proud to offer. Experience proves that consultations are the only way to create a brilliant CV. This is backed by feedback from my clients who say this level of service and good value is very hard to find elsewhere. 

Other CV writing services boast that they ‘churn out’ 100s of CVs every week. However as a small business, I ensure that I give each CV my full attention til you are happy and it’s signed off.  Read more reasons why here.

A brand new CV from Premium CVs will make job applications easier and more successful. What’s more, clients say that I help them to gain confidence and feel more at ease. The CV process is also invaluable to help you focus on what direction to take in your career. So, if your CV is not resulting in interviews, or you don’t have a CV at all, you’ve come to the right place. I am naturally very proud of my testimonials.  Read how the CV writing process works.

Not looking for a job? 

You may be unsure whether to find a job or start or build your own business.  I have written many CVs (and other documents) for clients who are not job hunting but need an official document for other reasons. 

If you need business and marketing advice, we can help with that too, with our other ‘hat’ on: 

SJE Marketing, Uckfield, marketing & social media support

Other services:



95% of recruiters rely on Linkedin to search for candidates. Would they find you? I will make it happen. 


interview coaching LondonInterview Coaching

Not had an interview in years and not sure what to expect? Or just want to be prepared? This service is for you.

Job Application Cover Letter

This is just as important as a really good CV, and must accompany every application made via email and letter.

One-on-one trainingCV consultations Uckfield

Many companies need employees with IT Skills nowadays, no matter what the role is. So if you don’t have the skills required, now is the time to learn and up-skill. We also do one-on-one computer training/tuition on many subjects at our sister company SJE Training, either in our office or yours, if you’re in or near Uckfield.

Office Assistant Services

Proud to be multi-skilled, I also offer a wide range of ‘Office Assistant’ services from writing and editing any document, through to internet and competitor research. More information here or call Sue on 01825 761890 or email

“Going through things with you today has given me a lot more confidence in going forward.  Thank you very much. 
I will let you know how I get on”. Sally Burden, Senior Designer, Tonbridge