1. 43% of employers search for candidates on social media and networking sites, so ensure you come across as professional wherever you appear online.
  2. Check for discrepancies in profiles or applications, so avoid any questionable information or problems.
  3. If you have several job roles within a short space of time, be sure to explain why, otherwise this will be marked against you.
  4. Use clear and specific language. Don’t use words like ‘involved in’ or ‘familiar with’. Instead say ‘part of a team of…’ or ‘instigated…’ for example.
  5. Make sure any photo is professional-looking, which will help to present your in the best possible way.
  6. Be truthful and honest. Don’t exaggerate a skill or experience, it’s not worth it!
  7. Check it through, and if you’re writing your own CV or application, ask someone else to check it too. 58% are found to have mistakes or typos of some sort.