French’s Fancy Dress are offering job seekers the chance to borrow a suit for an interview, totally free of charge. 

Business owner Donna French explained “we have many smart suits in various sizes.  We often use them as a base for a costume, but without the accessories and extras, they are normal suits and absolutely perfect to wear for a job interview.   


We like to give back to the community and when the idea came to me it seemed an obvious thing to offer.

As a job seeker, at the interview stage it’s important to make a first impression by looking smart, in a suit. When you successfully land that job, you might not need the suit again as you may be able to dress more casually at work or you may be provided with a uniform for the role.   

A suit can be a big expense, especially if you only wear it just once.  This is where we come in!   We are able to lend a smart suit, shirt and tie to anyone seeking work and with an interview coming up.  Just get in touch”

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from this offer you can call Donna on 07796796466 or email

Borrow a suit for your interview, yes borrow!

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