How to Prepare for your Job Search

What’s the best way to prepare for your job search?




  1. Establish what sort of role you are looking for. Don’t worry if you’re not sure
  2. Make sure your CV is good enough to accompany an application – just notes or an old CV will not be adequate.
  3. Create your online CV with Linkedin too and get found by potential employers.
  4. CV done, now use it! Upload it to the main job boards and set up your text/email alerts for jobs

But remember, only apply for jobs that you feel are a match to the skills and experience that you offer. 

  • When you have an idea of what sort of role you are looking for, you will be tempted to look for a job.  Don’t, at least not yet. You’ll just be pressurising yourself.
  • Every job you apply for will require a CV. Don’t however use an old CV, it won’t work as competition for jobs is still very high and your CV needs to ‘sell you’ well to give you a good chance of invitation to interview.
  • If you need help from a professional CV Writer , ask at the start of the process. It will help you to focus and make the job hunt process easier and quicker.
  • Let me help you get found online too – LinkedIn is the most important online recruitment tool relied upon by 95% of recruiters to search for candidates, so if you don’t have a good searchable profile, you’re missing out! This also includes 1-1 training on how to use it and make it work for you.
  • Now you have a new CV, use it! I will advise on what to do next, if you’re not sure.

The Best Tools for a successful job search

Come to me for help with your job search and I will give you all the tools to make your job search a success. I will lead you through the whole job hunting process, making it easier and quicker, whether you’re applying online, via email or with an application form that you need to send by post.

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