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Hands up if you’re looking for a new job and you are on Linkedin but don’t use it.

Hands up if you’re on Linkedin but have no photo and nothing much else.

Thought so!

Make your Linkedin profile work for you

If you’re planning to change jobs, one of the most important things you will need is a really good CV, in document format as well as online with Linkedin.

Did you know that over 94% of recruiters (businesses, agencies and headhunters) rely on Linkedin to search for potential candidates like you online? Also 79% of recruiters said they had successfully hired someone using LinkedIn.

So if your Linkedin profile isn’t optimised to sell you as best it can, or you don’t post stuff or interact regularly (at least twice a week), or worse still you don’t have one at all, you’re missing out big time!

Not sure or not ready for Linkedin?

You may well be nervous about using Linkedin. You might be worried about being inundated with emails from people you don’t know, or you haven’t told your boss that you’re thinking of leaving yet and you’re worried he might suspect something if he/she finds you on Linkedin…..don’t be. Get your settings sorted right from the start, then you can put your profile ‘live’ only when you’re ready and you can tick which emails and notifications you do and don’t want to receive so that your accounts is exactly as you want it.

Do your CV and Linkedin together


Work on your CV, followed straight after by work on your Linkedin profile is the best way to go, then your mind will be focussed. At Premium CVs we do both which often results in very quick invitation to interview (can be as quick as a few days) followed by job success!

Get connected and searchable!

There are a number of things that will make Linkedin work for you and make it worth your while. Four things to encourage potential recruiters to connect:

  • Head and shoulders smart photo
  • Descriptive heading including your job title and a reason for the reader to read further
  • A succinct summary that explains your career history and highlights your achievements
  • Join and interact in appropriate groups

Article by Sue Edwards, CV Writer at Premium CVs