How to Write a Job Application

job application

So you’ve seen a job that really appeals. It’s time to apply!

Six Top Tips  

  • Make sure that your skills, experience and qualifications are a very close match to those required in the job description. If not, don’t apply. It’s as simple as that! With such heavy competition (possibly 50-100 others in some jobs) your chances could be minimal.
  • Allow plenty of time to write your application – it will probably take longer than you think – and make sure you’re not interrupted.
  • If you already have a well-written CV, use it to refer to. If you need professional help to write your CV ask Sue at Premium CVs. Don’t be tempted to use your old CV –  it’s highly likely that a CV that worked even a few years years ago won’t work in today’s market.
  • Check the application instructions before you start ie: what colour pen to use and whether to write in block capitals or not.
  • Check whether the recruiter requires a written CV too, but don’t forget to use a tailored version.
  • When you have finished your application ask someone else to check it for you. When you’ve been concentrating for any length of time it can be easy to miss errors.

Some employers prefer you to fill in an application form rather than send a CV, particularly for public sector jobs. The main rules are to follow the application instructions, present the information neatly and sell your most relevant skills.

Types of Applications

Some recruiters use a standard application form for each candidate, making it easier to compare candidates.

Some applications make require a CV and if you already have an up-to-date one in a program such as Word, the process of applying for a job will be easier for you. Simply tailor the information, then copy and paste.

Online application forms

If the application form is online, use your Word copy of your CV (as above).

Paper application forms

If you’ve got to post a paper application, carefully follow the instructions, use neat hand writing and and ensure you’re using the correct colour ink. If yu need to cross out it best to start again!

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