Your CV  ‘Personal Profile’ should be the first section of your CV and needs to grab the attention of the reader to encourage him or her to read on. Does yours? Most people find it hard to find the right words and phrases to sell themselves.

Business people standing with question mark on boards

Get the right message across right at the start and try to do this within a paragraph of about 6 lines. Here are some ideas to help you:

What should you include?:

  • explain the length of your career history and the industries you’ve got experience in
  • use keywords appropriate to your roles and industries
  • what you have done in your past roles that have made an impact
  • if you’ve had a varied history ie: you’re a mum returning to work or you’ve changed careers explain that too
  • if you’ve done any volunteering mention that too – it’s very credible!
  • use words that express your personality ie: willing, friendly, enthusiastic,
  • Summarise what you want to do next.

I would recommend doing an online psychometrics test to prompt you.

Don’t add a photo unless it has been specifically asked for. Your Linkedin profile is the exception – use a recent professional head and shoulders one here.

Here are some example sentences to create an impressive start to a CV.

‘A diligent, committed and ambitious individual with extensive experience in Consultancy and Business Management’.

‘A proven track record of improving processes, increasing efficiency and leading teams to consistently meet sales targets while driving down costs and improving efficiency’.

‘Seeking a consultancy-based role within a large company engaging in business-to-business selling’.

If you’re not confident that you can write your own profile or your own CV don’t worry, I’m here to help any time.  Call me to book a consultation or book a complete CV writing service.

By Sue Edwards, CV Writer at Premium CVs