Have you noticed that management jobs, and particularly those at senior level are not usually advertised in the local or national press these days? According to local businesses, the best way to find higher level professionals is either by highly targeted advertising, or by using the services of a headhunter.

To be included in this new way of career management, you must have your own online CV on a professional networking site – LinkedIn is the platform of choice these days with over 10 million members in the UK alone. You can register for free at http://www.linkedin.com – and once you’re registered, you’ll be in the headhunters home territory…

It’s important that your profile is well constructed, as you’ll be in a very busy market place, so here are a few simple tips to help you stand out among the crowd:

  • Do have a photo – Keep it professional but also relaxed. No pets or silly hats!
  • Headline – Describe yourself thoughtfully so you’re noticed
  • Complete the Summary – Include plenty of key words to improve your chance of being found
  • Complete the career section – keep it high level, but remember those key words
  • List your skills – This is where you collect Endorsements and, again, improve your rating
  • Connect with people – Start with those people you know and go from there.
  • Join Groups – Groups help raise your profile and make you more ‘findable’
  • Get and give recommendations – ‘nuff said
  • Enjoy it – explore – take part in discussions – find your voice
  • Do a little every day – make it a 10 to 20 minute daily habit

As your profile and network builds, you increase the chances that you’ll be found. Companies and headhunters don’t want to waste the time and money placing adverts when they can find exactly what they want on LinkedIn. You can jump the queue and increase the chances of your dream job substantially with a little thought and effort.  Just imagine the phone ringing with that dream job opportunity even though you weren’t looking….

Get connected – you’ll appear irrelevant if you don’t – and that’s never a good thing.

Article by Sue Edwards, CV Writer at Premium CVs and Martin Ellis – Headhunter at Corporate Handyman.

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