The early bird catches the worm!

Do your research and preparation now and when the time is right to apply for jobs you’ll be ready to beat the queue.

It’s an exciting, but often a daunting thought. The question you’ll be asking is “Where do I start? Where’s my old CV?” You may not actually have a CV because you never needed one before.  Nowadays, whether you need to apply online or not, having a CV to refer to makes your job a whole lot easier and quicker.

Let me give you some pointers  :

  • Think about what sort of job you want to apply for. Do you want something similar or a complete change? Once you’ve decided have a look online for the sort of job you would apply for and print out the job description and details.
  • Search out your old CV (Curriculum Vitae, or Resume) if you have one. It may not be suitable for the current job market, but if you send it to me for a review I can tell you what needs to be changed, if anything. And if you don’t have a current CV I can write one for you. Whichever is the case, with fierce competition nowadays (possibly 50 – 100+ applicants depending on the position), your CV needs to stand out from the crowd and catch the reader’s attention right from the word go. If it doesn’t you will miss out and you may not even get an acknowledgement.

Help from family, friends or colleagues

  • Naturally you will want help to get your CV right, however lots of my clients have tried this, and it hasn’t worked.  Ask for my free no obligation CV review and take it from there. With lots of CVs passing through my hands I can tell instantly what’s wrong (if anything), and advise you what you need to do to put it right. I also know what employers want to see in a CV, so take advantage of my help.
  • Once you’ve got a really good curriculum vitae you’ll need to tailor it to each job you apply for.
  • You also need to have a good online profile, although many people I talk to still don’t realise this. According to statistics 95% of recruitment agencies, as well as recruiters and headhunters all conduct their search for eligible candidates online, so you need to searchable. The best and most popular tool for this is Linkedin. It has always been known as a business networking tool, however it is also your online CV.  However, if your profile is very basic and you don’t use it, or worse still you don’t have an account at all you’re missing out! Once your curriculum vitae is finished you can copy and paste some of the information (making sure it’s in the 1st person) into the appropriate Linkedin sections. Then you’ll need to ensure that your personal profile stands out, as the one on your CV will need to be tweaked, then off you go! That’s not all there is to it though. If you need more detailed advice give me a call and I’ll advise further.
  • Now you’ve got a CV both in Word copy and an online version, you’re ready for your job search.
  • Register on jobsites – you may have to upload your Curriculum Vitae, or simply use your Word version to copy and paste.
  • When you see a job that appeals, make sure that you are a good match, or don’t apply. It’s that simple. If you’re a close match but would need further training to increase your skills set, if you show you are keen and willing, make this clear in your application or cover letter.
  • Before you send off your job application, do your research on the company to see if everything really appeals and works for you. Think of questions like: do you want to work for a small business or a much larger corporate organisation? Do you want to work in a town or would you be happy in a remote location? Would you require transport?

Being prepared early will fast track your job search, making you ready to apply for any job when the time comes.

Still stuck?

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Article by Sue Edwards, CV Writer at Premium CVs