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What is Linkedin?

Linkedin is an extremely powerful tool, relied upon by 756 million businesses in 200 countries.  Businesses use it for networking and marketing.  Over 90% of businesses and headhunters rely on it to search for candidates, so it’s an ideal place to use it as your online CV. Some recruiters use Linkedin as their sole source of candidates.

Your Linkedin profile details your experience, qualifications and skills, just like your CV.  It also allows you to receive and give recommendations, which adds to your credibility, whether you are job hunting or a business.

You may already have a Linkedin profile, however, it needs to be optimised, using the right information and keywords, so that potential employers can find and contact you. 

If you’re not on Linkedin, or your profile is basic, you’re missing out. It’s as simple as that! 

You may find that, like your CV, your Linkedin profile is not that easy to write. That’s where I can help you.

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