Online Job Applications – how to apply

If you are job hunting you may have already realised how time-consuming and annoying
online applications can be.  Be prepared to spend about 2 hours per application, although you may get quicker the more you do. You will probably use the same information time and time again but with subtly different answers to precise questions.

 Your Resumé is key to your application, using cut and paste to answer questions. Saving your answers to use again on future applications will save you time and effort.
Some companies will ask you to include your resume in addition to all the questions although many of the questions will be answered in your resume.

In order to keep your work confidential, unless you are working on your own computer, it is wise to keep your information on a CD or similar storage device. Be careful if
you applying from work – your company may have rules about employees’ personal
use of PCs.

Allow plenty of time to write your online application. If you run out of time you may not be able to re-write it at a later date. Make sure your CV is up-to-date and keep it handy so you can cut and paste what you need. Bear in mind that all applications, whether online or not, will require slightly different answers, so take the time to read what is required and use keywords accordingly.

 Preparing for interview

 Making a good impression in an interview is not just about what to wear and looking good. Character, confidence and facial expression will all have an overall
impact on the interviewer within the first few minutes. It is worth spending
time choosing what to wear, especially if it makes you feel comfortable and
confident. Depending on the job applied for a clean and well presented business
suit will be appropriate, but do not expect your clothes or your hair style to
get you the job. They are more likely to be the icing on the cake.


 Spend time going over your resume or the evidence you have presented to make sure it is understandable. And smile. There is no better way to give a good first impression, and it will naturally give you confidence as well. Studies have indicated that people pay
most attention to another person’s eyes and facial expression during the first two minutes of meeting them and subsequently. Smiling and looking at the interviewer will not only project an air of confidence, it will also give the best impression. It’s worth a trip to the rest room before the interview to ensure that your hands are dry and warm – use the hand-dryers available.

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