Questions to ask at interview




Of course you will be nervous, whether this is your first interview for a long time or you’ve had several. Your mind may well go blank, but prepare your questions and be ready for anything. These are examples of questions that would be wise to ask:

  • Where would I fit in with your team?
  • What are the main requirements for this role?
  • What sort of thing would I be doing in my first two months?
  • What are the sort of qualities that you look for in your staff?
  • Do you offer any training?
  • Does the company have any plans to expand?
  • What sort of environment would I be working in?
  • What are the good points about working here?
  • If I am successful today, when should I expect to hear from you?
  • Have I given you everything you need?

It might help to take a notebook with these questions written down if you’re not sure you will remember them. This is far better than not bothering.

Try to keep eye contact with the person or group who are interviewing you, say thank you for their time and shake hands before you leave.

Article written by Sue Edwards, CV Writer

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