Facing redundancy?

Already been made redundant?


Turn it to your advantage and use this time to really focus on what you want to do next in your career.

What next?

It’s important to ‘be prepared’ for whatever happens.

Redundancy for you will mean either a re-focus of your career, or to consider retiring and possibly doing some voluntary work.

We offer comprehensive CV writing, job search advice and Interview Training services that employers can add on to their redundancy packages to help ease the transition for employees, so it’s worth asking your employer about this.

Re-Focus Your Career

time for career change

Do you want to change direction and consider training, or just change jobs?

If you just want to find a new job then your CV – both Word and online versions – should be top of your list. Writing a new CV will help you enormously to focus on your career as well as establish what skills, experience and achievements you can ‘sell’ to a potential employer. However the job market has changed and an old CV that may have worked years ago won’t work for you today.


I work with many people who are facing or have been made redundant and the process really helps, not only to focus on what to do next, but give clients the confidence to carry on and actually make a positive experience out of their redundancy.

If you would like to talk to Sue call 01825 761890 for further advice or ask about writing a new CV.