Social Share - advertise 'you' on social media

Social media services, Uckfield

Choose social share, and when I have finished writing your new CV, I will advertise your availability online via my Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter accounts, should you choose that option.

Why Social Share?

  • I am also a Marketing and Social Media Consultant. I have multiple channels where I promote my business and share news and articles. Choose social share and you will benefit from using these to advertise your availability for work. Even if you do use social media, you will be able to extend your reach substantially. 
  • Give your job search a huge boost and head start.
  • Reach over 40,000 potential businesses.
  • Let me do the initial introduction for you, so no-one will contact you out of the blue.
  • You can choose whether or not you wish to follow up.

Please note that we are not an employment agency. We simply connect candidates with job opportunities, where we have been asked to do so. Please also note that we will not share any data such as contact information or CVs unless the candidate gives permission to do so.

Get a head start on your job search