How to mix part-time work with uni – you can do both!

If you’re studying, and you have time to do a part-time job as well, it will bring many rewards and benefits. It’s a great way to increase your skills, experience and get paid.

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Here are some tips to help you, find the right balance and make it work for you:

The benefits of working:

  • Get paid! Some students find it hard to manage their money and budget. If you have applied for a student loan, it usually gets paid in a lump sum and it’s very tempting to spend it all before you’ve paid your bills. Budgeting is naturally easier when you have more to play with, but you still need to be careful and make your money work for you and last as long as it needs to. Now is a good time to learn about budgeting – spending your hard earned money wisely, rather than on a pub night out.
  • Time management: further education at college or university teaches you how to manage your time better. Working part-time means free time is more precious. You may even be lucky enough to have a flexible boss who allows you to study when its quieter.
  • Foot in the door: make the most of your part-time job by using it to get introduced to a career that appeals to you. Keep aware of any opportunities, do any training courses that are offered and learn as much as you can so that you build your skills. Transferable skills gained now will help you to stand out from the crowd later. Being multi-skilled, and an expert multi-tasker will make you a very desirable candidate.

The Right Balance:

  • It is a common misconception that your studies will suffer if you work part-time. A good routine and keeping organised will help to give you the right balance, but always ensure that your studies come first. The fact that you’re doing both won’t go unnoticed.
  • Be sensible and honest. Don’t be pressurised into changing your shifts just to please someone else.

Be open and Upfront

  • Keep your employer informed of any changes or deadlines, particularly exams. Most employers will be understanding. Likewise, let your lecturers know that you are working – they will be impressed by your efforts and hard work.

Article written by Sue at Premium CVs. 

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