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If you’re job hunting, have you heard that Linkedin is the tool most commonly used by businesses, Headhunters and Recruitment agencies to find candidates online?  Surprisingly many jobseekers I talk to either haven’t heard of it, or if they have they didn’t know how important it is to have a good profile.

Headhunter Martin Ellis has also written a brilliant blog (as always!) about Linkedin, you can read it here. I never fail to chuckle at his words, but what he says is so true!  Now I’d like to share my thoughts with you and make you aware how important it is to have a Linkedin account and how to use it!

Online CV

Ok, so you’re preparing for your job search and you’re contemplating getting professional help with your CV. Of course it’s good to have a CV as a paper document and it helps enormously to have something to refer to when applying for a job, whether online or not. However your online version is,  if anything more important…… why?  Simply because many recruitment agencies, headhunters and potential employers conduct their search for candidates online, so if you’re on Linkedin but your profile is poor or worse, you don’t have an account, you’re missing out!

There are numerous websites where you can build an online CV, but Linkedin is THE media that’s used by the professionals and the largest online networking tool. It turns your CV into a highly visible profile, which, if it’s optimised, will be searchable by the people who matter.

Would I Find You?

Chances are I wouldn’t find your Linkedin profile. If you’ve created an account that’s a good first step, but it needs to be optimised. By that I mean you’ve added all the information that is on your CV, including keywords in the right places, an excellent summary, job titles etc.

You Don’t have a Linkedin profile

Linkedin has always been considered and still is an excellent business networking tool, but it’s also your online CV should you choose to write it that way. So let me share with you some ways to make Linkedin work for you if you are job hunting:

  • Create a profile with a straightforward email.
  • Make sure you upload a clear, professional-looking, fairly close up photo either of face or face and shoulders.
  • If you already have a good CV in Word, use it to create your Linkedin version, making sure it’s in the first person.
  • Write a short, concise profile summary and give it impact, but don’t write your life story!
  • Add bullet-pointed achievements in the profile summary section, instead of within the role, making them quantifiable to show impact.
  • Add your skills and drag the best skills first.  Do this at the start as once you gain endorsements you won’t be able to move them.
  • Drag your skills section to underneath your profile summary.
  • Like your CV, go back around 10-15 years, unless you want to highlight certain skills.
  • When you’ve finished adding your profile, search for those you already know and invite them to connect. No doubt you will find colleagues there already!
  • Search and join groups that interest you, then start interacting. This will prompt more people to connect with you.
  • Make it clear on your profile that you are looking for work, if of course you’re happy with that.

Once you’ve got going keep active, at least every other day, interact with others and your network of contacts will soon grow. The more you post things on your timeline the more you will show up in search engine results which will encourage others to connect. Before long you could receive the job opportunity of your dreams!

If you’re a complete novice and the thought of creating a really good Linkedin profile is daunting, I’m here to help you, so give me a call.

By Sue Edwards, CV Writer, Premium CVs

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