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CV consultations

CV consultations

These days your CV has to be spot on. If it’s just run-of-the-mill, you won’t get the chance to shine at interview, and if your CV comes up short you could be waiting an awful long time!

Your CV has to ooze YOU. Every word has to work. Bland and safe just won’t hack it. If you engage a CV writer, you must use one that wants to get to know you. They can then create something that reflects who and what you are. It will sing your personality with zing and zest – and avoid flour and fluff!

The ONLY way to achieve this is with a consultation – it doesn’t need to be a full-blown meeting – a Skype (Skype is free and easy to install at or telephone call is enough to get an understanding of the individual and tailor something that hits the nail on the head. Not all CV writers have the same approach, but I recommend those who do. If you’d like to know how I could help you, please call me on 01825 761890, or visit my website.

The advantages of a consultation far outweigh the time taken to get it right:

  • It enables the CV writer to get a grip on your personality
  • Helps understand your needs and ambitions so they’re clearly signposted
  • Brings focus on your key strengths and doesn’t get diverted by detail
  • Gives you a chance to talk directly with an expert who understands the job market as it is now.
  • Gives you a dry run at some interview questions – you can’t prepare enough

There are millions of CV’s all battling for attention. Only the best rise to the top. Make sure yours is one of them.

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